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About Tower E.N.T.

Tower ENT, based at Cedars Sinai Medical Center , is the premier ear, nose, throat and facial plastic surgery group in Beverly Hills and the greater Los Angeles area. Our 5 doctors provide the latest safe sinus surgery (Balloon Sinuplasty, Computer Navigation and Drug-Elutung Stents)and have pioneered these techniques on the West Coast. Our physicians are highly trained in the office -based Pillar Palatal Implant Procedure for the cessation of snoring, and in the more advanced surgical correction of Sleep Apnea. We also provide expert pediatric otolayngology care, diving and flying medicine, care of the professional voice,and plastic and reconstructive surgery of the nose, eyes, face and facial defects. The latest botox and facial filler compounds such as Restylane, Radiesse, and Juvederm are also part of our expertise.