The most significant advancement in the surgical treatment of sinus disease in the last decade has been the advent of Computer Navigation.

Tower E.N.T. surgeons were the first to test and use this system on the West Coast and at Cedars Sinai Medical Center.  We have literally performed 100’s of Safe Sinus Surgeries using the elctromagnetical surgical navigation system!  Electromagnetic tracking can be compared to a global positioning system (GPS) in a car which allows the driver to see his or her exact location on a virtual roadmap.

In surgical navigation, medical images created by CT imaging systems are used to build an anatomical  “roadmap”.  As the surgeon’s instruments travel  within the patient’s body during a procedure, the system tracks their exact position, which is then displayed on a high definition monitor in the surgical suite.  With the ability to track surgical instrumentation, we can more SAFELY perform delicate nose and sinus procedures without damaging critical surrounding structures.

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